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Get Keys Cut The Right Way - By Hand.

Here at Car Keys Done Quick®, we’re confident that our key cutting services will be the best you’ve ever had. To prove it, let us tell you a story, see if it seems familiar….

You’ve been to get keys cut at a big box store, right?

You needed a key cut, so you lingered by the kiosk. Of course, there’s nobody there.
SO, you wait. Two minutes, three. Nobody comes.
Eventually you give up and flag down a passing apron. She promises she’ll “send someone over”.

Another five minutes later, a teenager in a store polo turns up. He takes your key and puts it in a machine. He doesn’t know how to turn it on. Let’s call the manager, shall we?

ANOTHER five minutes…the manager comes and presses the big blue switch on the front with “ON” written on it. Success! You get your keys back in a little paper bag. You then have to go somewhere else to pay for them. You finally get them home and they don’t work.

Sound familiar?

We don’t do that here. We do it right:

- Trained technicians cut your keys by hand, the old-fashioned way.
- Friendly service guaranteed!
- Keys cut instantly, while you wait.
- Our three step process insures accuracy and reliability every time – GUARANTEED. If it doesn’t work, we’ll cut it again for free.

Key cutting services are not a big deal. It’s not something people need often and it doesn’t make us a great deal of money – but, we believe that key cutting should still be done properly. Come and see us and see for yourself!

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